I found this article while surfing around a little today and found it really interesting.
Some of the hints are not relevant to me but overall, its a great post.

As for me, the one I did find most interesting was to run your eyelash curler under warm water or blast it with the hairdryer to warm it (my sister told me that she has a heated eyelash curler – I’m yet to see it) before use.  My eyelashes are sparse and straight, like the hair on my head and I wished for the longest time that I had big eyes, with long lashes and pouty lips – but my reality is that i have small eyes and thin lips (associated with angry or unhappy people – so not who I am).  I learnt that curling my lashes helps my eyes look bigger as it really does open them up and finding a great mascara that thickens and lengthens them without causing my eyes to water the entire day and does not flake after an hour is a major success in my book.

Therefore, its understandable that one of my many obsessions is mascara – I’ll fess up to there being 7 in my collection at the moment.  I am always on the look out for the ‘perfect’ mascara.  I think I found it this past month.  I was trying to find a Clarins product that my sister has been using and the Clarin’s lady at the one counter showed me a similar product and it was part of a special offer which included an eye cream, makeup pouch and Clarin’s Wonder Perfect Mascara – it is wonder perfect to me.  Its luxurious, my eyes don’t itch, it has not flaked and goes on like a dream.  The brush is a great size too – with having small eyes, big brushes tend to become a mission and I often end up brushing the mascara onto my eyelids.

clarinswonderpefectmascaraSo gals, if you haven’t tried the Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara before,up to trying out I’d highly recommend itl

Let your windows to your soul shine today.

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