Happy Monday y’all,

How was your weekend?

Did you have a little fun?  Make time to relax?  Reconnect with your soul?  Your family?

I had a super chilled weekend and ended up spending most of Saturday doing the bare minimum.  It was fun and relaxed.

Sunday I played model for a friend, again.  We always have a great time when we shoot together.  I’m comfortable with him.  Let me just say, I’m not a model, so I do kinda battle with the poses.  I’m also super cheeky, so he gets a lot of chirp from me … lol … but he can handle all my moments.  We have a lot of giggles and discussions and basically, its a great way to spend an afternoon – this coming from one who hid from the camera for years.  And yes, we did take a tongue pulling pic.  I think I need to do a little collage of my tongue pulling pics from the shoots we’ve done together.

Anyways, I bought this dress last week (to my snobby friends – yup, it’s from Pick ‘n Pay clothing) but it’s gorgeous and comfortable and a little sexy too.  The bodice is smocked (which reminds me of when I was little and how I hated smocking on clothing – it made me itch like crazy) which I was a little apprehensive about, but it did not itch as it did when I was little and has two slits up the front.   I like that its a handwash and non iron material (my washing machine has a handwash cycle which makes it a dream).  I can so picture this in the summer heat, its cool and light.

While walking along in the gardens, my sandal snapped – rather unexpectedly and I ended up walking around barefoot.  At my age – my mother would probably shake her head … lol.  Sorry, Ma.

I added my pink freshwater pearls and silver hoop earrings before I left.  I’ll be back with some photos to share once I get them.  I think we got some really great ones.

Have yourself a fabulous Monday.


Dress : Pick ‘n Pay Clothing

Sandals : Gendhi (now need to be replaced)

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