you realise that the Universe is nudging you – the same thoughts and feelings keep coming up and when two people made the exact same comment to me echoing what I’ve been feeling nudged to do, it reinforced the feeling I’ve had, that has slowly been growing stronger.  I’ve always believed that that is confirmation from the Universe that you’re on the right path.

I tend to hesitate to take action because I want to see the entire staircase, not just the first step – but this time, I’m putting my fear of the unknown and not being in ‘control’ aside and stepping up onto the first step.  I’m practising trusting the prompting.

As I started this morning I mentioned an item I wanted to sell to my sister because I felt it right to give her first choice as its something that she loves and she grabbed it without hesitation.  Yes, I’m on a roll.  So as I’ve walked around seeing things I want to let go of, I’ve given her first choice.  Its things that I know she loves.  I believe that this is the right thing.  I know many won’t understand, question me, think I’ve lost it, but I haven’t.  Its simply time to travel light in the world – destination unknown.

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  1. Lynn
    11 August 2016 at 21:18 (5 years ago)

    You need to heed the call little sister.