Last week was almost an entire week of dresses.

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FABULOUS FRIDAY (the week before last)
A much loved and worn summer dress paired with my ‘chanel
style cardi and boots.
This dress cost me all of R70 on sale a few years back from Edgars. I actually own two in different prints. My boots I got at Famous Footwear on my last visit to the USA.

I popped in to pay Feisal and return two items, and what do you know? I ended up leaving with three, one of which was a gift. I had spotted a brown satin Jo Borkett shirt while browsing. After chatting and trying on the jacket and coat, Feisal said ‘choose a shirt as a gift’ – well, I already knew exactly which one I would love to have, and so it came home with me.
One good thing about this little shopping spree, its helping me in reducing my carbon footprint as they are all previously loved items. To the lady who owned this magical coat before, wherever you may be in the world, I have to say “thank you so much”.
One of the dresses I bought at CottonOn on their special of 2 for R300 is this zebra print (I think its zebra, ’cause it sure ain’t leopard … lol). The pullover is a gorgeous cashmere that my ex-husband bought for me way back in 2015. I don’t often wear items that sit on my neck as I tend to feel claustrophobic. A little leopard print scarf and booties and I was good to go.
This gorgeous Jacket found at Beautifulthreads in Linden.
Burgandy dress from CottonOn – great deal 2 for R300
Shoes – Call it Spring. They really caught the light in the image below as they are not so ‘white’ in reality.
This outfit looks so much better in person than it does in these photos.
Black pencil skirt from Woolworths paired with my gifted Satin Jo Borkett shirt.
Simple, Elegant and Classy work look.
My most affordable look of the week which is also the one that got the most votes on my IG post … This little mustard dress costs all of R150 from Jet. My sister and I were shopping a few weeks back and as we walked in I spotted this and another animal print in the same cut. My sister looked at the price and said, “at that price, I’ll buy you both” … and she did.
My tan shoes with animal-printed heels are also from Jet.
This back dress is from the 2 for R300 special at CottonOn. Its so versatile.
Here it is with an old waterfall cardigan, simple black heels from Aldo and cute earrings (see image below) from Skinny Cow in Linden.

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