I have lost a few kgs and am thrilled that these pants are now fitting much more comfortably than they were a few months back. I’d managed to drown my scale, not had my bloodwork for my thyroid done and my script was not renewed, was not training consistently and was being a little lax and lazy on the nutrition front, eating and drinking without paying as close attention as usual and had picked up a few kgs (as I warn everyone who trying to drop a few kgs, stay away from the alcohol). It was quite shocking to me to see how quickly and easily I had gained them.

Although the fit of my trousers/jeans were warning me that I was gaining, it took someone snapping a random photo of me that jolted me back to reality. I went home that day and bought myself a new scale and went to the dr and did the thyroid test and renewed my script and slowed down on the alcohol consumption. I know we’re told to only weigh ourselves weekly, however, for me it works better to weigh daily, first thing in the morning. It keeps me aware and conscious on all fronts.

After putting the brakes on my reckless eating and consumption of alcohol since late September last year, I’ve lost 6kgs (13 pounds). I managed to not gain any weight while on my trip to the USA which was another positive. I stayed mindful overall of what and how much I was eating.

It feels good to be back to my comfortable weight again, mindfulness I remind myself, mindfulness – in all areas.

Suit pants : Woolworths (2018)  Belt : Foschine : 2018 | Shoes : Superbalist (2019) Tank : Kelso (old old old) |  Jacket : Edit Collections

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