Yesterday, before the kids got back home, we headed off to buy a longer telephone cable, so I got a chance to look at a few stores (only three – oh okay maybe five!!) (okay, we did go into Truworths Man, Mr. Price, Woolworths and Ackermans – and I showed G-man a jacket in the entrance to Truworths) and one shoe store … I’m really loving the bits of leather on the new clothing in store.  Contempo has a lovely little shift dress in black or red that has a little leather and stud detail … they’ve added a polo neck underneath it in the photo below, which is not my favourite type of top .  But to wear it for winter it makes sense, but possibly I’d go for more of a turtle neck top as opposed to the polo.

Contempo also had some snazzy leggings, jeans and tops and their usual offering of office appropriate items.  If you’re looking for a really corporate look at affordable prices, I’d recommend Contempo.  Their items are also mix and match and for a budget conscious lady, they’d do well visiting.

This lovely jacket, which is also available in blue as well as a black and white striped from Ackermans goes for R199.00.  I did not get to ‘feel’ the fabric but it sure looked okay from where I was viewing it.


A quick dash into Woolworths and I did not even get to roam the shoes section – but I spied a lovely short-ish cream trench with a leopard print lining that I’d love to try on.  I have seen online that they have it in a divine orange as well, but since I have an orange coat, I’d give it a miss.  Personally I’d love the cream coloured trench.


I’ve tried to find pictures online of the boots I saw but no luck as yet – I saw a long pair of black Bronx boots that I am lusting after and then a black ankle boot, with a cream toe cap and a line of gold between the two but I don’t remember the brand … I really do like them.


We took a quick stroll through Mr. Price looking for some camo tops for the little man, but we did not find any.  We looked at quite a few items for the boys, but then decided to rather take them with us as they’re at the age where they’re developing their own styles.  I agree with him totally.


A new addition to my wardrobe, yet to be worn, is this top from Mr. Price.  Graeme raised an eyebrow as he feels it’s a little ‘young’ and I’m in agreement, but I think if I style it right I could rock it.  Courteney felt it was not too young, but she was surprised by my choice.

So, do you think it’s too young for me to wear Camo?  I’ve seen ‘maturer’ bloggers sporting it.

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3 Comments on A quick dash on Sunday … Camo shirt

  1. Gracey at Fashion for Giants
    25 March 2013 at 20:35 (9 years ago)

    I don’t think camo or studs are specific to a particular age. Just be mindful of how you style it. A younger blogger would wear it without pants, or with tiny short shorts and oxfords. Don’t do that. 😉

    • Wendy
      25 March 2013 at 20:55 (9 years ago)

      Thanks Gracey – I promise no short shorts or oxfords 😉

  2. Lynn
    26 March 2013 at 15:00 (9 years ago)

    Hi Wends, I dont think it is too young at all. As Gracey says, it is all in the styling.