When last did someone do something for you that just made you stop dead in your tracks, jaw hitting the ground, your brain going round like crazy and tears just bursting from your eyes because it was more than you could you believe and whats more, from the last source expected?
Well today, totally out of the blue, the most unexpected call and a gift from the most unexpected person came to me.  As I was pulling into Liams’ school to drop him off, my phone started ringing.  It was my ex husbands stepmother on the phone.  Well, how you doing she asked, and then proceeded to give me the most incredibly amazing gift.  She said that she told my father-in-law that she realling feels that its such an important day and she felt sure that I was devastated (put that in great big capital letters) that I could not afford to travel to the event, and she/they are paying for me to fly to Houston to be with my daughter on her wedding day.
I have cried on and off the entire day!  I am still so amazed that such a wonderfully unexpected gift has been given to me.  Its been a crazy day, filling in applications, getting photos done and rushing around like a headless woman.  I sent out an email request asking for prayers that an earlier date be arranged for my Visa Interview, which was rescheduled from the 12 to 4 November.   Less of a panic and more time to plan.  Please say a prayer that I get a 10 year Visa – that would be wonderful.
My daughter, after being told the news, has decided to postpone the date to early in January (she’s money conscious – not Extreme Cheapskate Style – but she works hard for her money and plans well with it and thinks twice before spending it) because the flights are cheaper if I fly out on 28th December than now.  When I woke up this morning there was a Whatsapp post by her saying :
       Taryn  – Sometimes people are really surprising!
       Me      – Who surprised you?
       Taryn  – Just everyone.  Sorry I was thinking 🙂 love you good Night 🙂
She’d been told by her Dad what his Stepmom and Dad were planning to do.  She’s as surprised and thrilled as I am.
Other positives of her postponing the date are that she and TJ will be in their own apartment and I’ll be able to stay with them as where I was going to stay now was up in the air.  I can help her sort out and arrange her place and … I’ll be there for her birthday.  We’ll get to go shopping before the wedding for a dress and she can approve it (which I was quite stressed about) … I can exercise some more and look fabulous for her big day … lol.
So gals, since its Winter in the USA when the date is scheduled for and Miss Taryn won’t go overboard, I’d like some ideas of what to wear and suggestions, as she said, it won’t be a fancy pants do – but I do want something pretty and appropriate as the mother of the bride.
Happy happy day.

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5 Comments on A Million, Bazillion, Trillion Thanks

  1. Lady of Style
    29 October 2013 at 20:36 (8 years ago)

    Wendy, I am so happy for you!! Isn’t that wonderful?
    I am thinking about the outfit and will get back to you soon.

    Annette | Lady of Style

    • Wendy Loubser
      30 October 2013 at 20:45 (8 years ago)

      Thanks Annette … Look forward to your suggestions

  2. Lynn
    30 October 2013 at 04:26 (8 years ago)

    How wonderful that you now have more time to plan rather than sunning around like a chicken without a head trying to get to the USA by next Saturday!!! And the timing is wonderful i.t.o. new apartment/birthday/etc.

    I am thoroughly delighted for you that you got this gift … it is amazing and wonderful!

  3. Lynette
    30 October 2013 at 06:18 (8 years ago)

    What wonderful awesome news. God is good all the time!!!!

    • Wendy Loubser
      31 October 2013 at 07:37 (8 years ago)

      Say it again … I’m so blessed!