I had a little spending money left over from my trip to the USA and decided to use it to buy a few items to add to my closet for the upcoming season. I had made a decision to wear more dresses and skirts this year after wearing jeans and jeggings 99% of the time in 2018 and this, despite my skinny jeans and jeggings addiction. Have you noticed?

I usually buy clothing that I am able to wear both smart and casual as well as over more than one season. Luckily, living down south in Africa has the advantage that we don’t generally have extreme weather. Our winters are generally mild, with a few very cold fronts that mostly last 3 days, with cold evenings and early mornings. We can easily sit out in the sun in a t-shirt by midday and by late afternoon need to add a cardigan or jacket.

I bought two dresses, a cute little black sleevless shift dress. What I love about this is that I know it’ll make a lot of appearances this coming fall and winter. Easy to wear on cooler days with tights, boots and a cute cardigan or jacket.

This look is very much along the lines of my JackieO/Audrey Hepburn vibe that’s been rearing its little head again. I do still love the classic look.

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