Sunday Selfie – Pearls are Always appropriate

I was invited to lunch with the CCWA after I tagged along with Calvin and Ken to their Debutantes Ball.  I am regularly reminded that my idea of ‘casual’ is very different to many other peoples interpretation.  Not sure if I should thank my mom or not.

I was given money for my birthday and one of the items I opted to spend some money on is jeans.  Edgars had a 2 for 1 special on Guess Jeans this passed weekend, so I indulged.  I wear jeans so often that it made sense to spend of the money on them.

I got a pair bootleg (pictures below) and a pair of jeggings.  Bootleg jeans are not may style despite the experts saying that it evens out the pear shaped figured.  However, these are not too wide, which makes them more acceptable to fussy me.

Sassy Sunday Style


  • Top : Chinese store
  • Jeans : Guess @ Edgars
  • Shoes : Ado
  • Pearls : American Swiss many, many years ago

A few looks from last week and the weekend

Sassy Saturday Style : Stripes, Leopard Print and Levi


  • Dress : Exact (about two years ago)
  • Scarf : Jet
  • Shoes : Levis
Basic black on Friday with a Graduates shoot at FNB


  • T-shirt : Jet
  • Jeggins : Pick ‘n Pay
  • Belt : Edgars
  • Shoes : Kelso (so wish I’d bought another pair at the time)
A shoot with Emil Wessels – fun in the studio


  • Bustier, Shirt and Jeggings : Pick ‘n Pay
  • Shoes : Aldo
The love affair with leopard print continues : Showing off my new scarf


  • Top : No idea
  • Jeans : Levi
  • Scarf : Justine cosmetics

Last night a lady liked on of my Instagram photos and I went to visit her blog … what an awesome blog.  If you have a moment, go visit Greys and Glitter.

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  1. Lynn
    19 September 2016 at 10:55 (5 years ago)

    Gorgeous photos … glad you got a special on jeans!