I’m fascinated that so many people, when complaining about weight again, use not having a gym membership as an excuse.  Here’s the thing!  You don’t need to join a gym to exercise.  I will admit to being more focused at times when I gym though, but if you can’t afford it, feel uncomfortable, then here are some links especially for you.

You can still exercise and look good without a gym membership.  Eating correctly and regular exercise is a great way to boost your confidence levels.

f9f0729d2f4653cfcc6ed42379113417But first, remember to get your nutrition on point.  The 80/20 rule applies.  80% nutrition/20%exercise.

There are numerous workouts online that don’t cost more than an internet connection a little dedication.

Here are two links that are helpful.

Blogilates : Online and at home, Cassey has tons of free pilates workouts.  When I first started my fitness journey, I did her 5 min ab workout – it was crazy how she busted me.  But it didn’t cost a cent.  The great part is you can do a target area workout by choosing the area you wish to focus on, or a complete body workout.  Everyone can find at least 5 minutes a day – so no excuses.

SpoteBi : Awesome 4 week Body Sculpting workout.   For the middle aged ladies complaining about the muffin top and bye bye arms – these are easy peasy.  (There are a lot of different plans on this site, so do visit).

 On nutrition, I am deadset against diets.  The word diet seems to set people up for failure.  I much prefer people thinking about a lifestyle change.  Making nutritional choices as part  of your lifestyle.  Diets are in mind for a set time frame, whereas choosing a lifestyle is a long term investment in your overall wellness.  Eating clean, less processed, less junk.
I follow the Weighless lifestyle, which I will admit I did battle with initially as I do not have a huge appetite.  However, what I did learn is that I wasn’t feeding my body enough food to have it perform as I needed it to.

Alternatively, investing in an eating planned designed especially for you around your likes and dislikes by a Nutritionist is also worth considering.

Some good reasons to exercises :

Neurobiological effects of physical exercise
Exercise’s effects on your heart

Here’s to your healthy, fitness and amazing confidence levels.

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