I was surfing pinterest when I ran across a blog post which got me thinking about what I do and would like to do in 2018 as a single woman in Jozi.  Here are some ideas – let me know what you get up to.  More ideas to add to the list would be great.

  1. Visit the Rosebank rooftop market on a lazy Sunday.  There is such an amazing array of stalls, divine food and live music.
  2. Once done at the Rooftop market, take a stroll through the malls of Rosebank.  Lots of awesome stores to browse.  Lovely restaurants and in general a great vibe – it makes me think of how Hillbrow was back in the 80’s.
  3. I’m a Starbucks coffee fan and they’re in Rosebank and right next door to the mall where the rooftop market is held.  So no excuse not to give them a try if you have not as yet.
  4. Take a walk around the Walter Sisulu Botanical gardens;
  5. Take your camera or a good book and a little cooler bag with lunch, some snacks and a blankey and enjoy a singletons picnic under the trees.
  6. Visit the Bryanston organic market.  Lovely stalls and awesome food.
  7. Declutter the passed seasons clothing.  There are many places that would take them as donations … I’m supporting Ry-Ma-In as I’m working on a big declutter of ornaments that have been boxed and in my cupboard for a year.  Since I’ve not missed them, I’m donating them to their store.
  8. Create a ‘feel good’ playlist to keep on your phone or ipod.  Listen to it when you’re feeling a little low and raise your vibration.
  9. Create a list of 10 Affirmations to get you in the right frame of mind – you may find yourself making it to 100 as it feels so good.
  10. Start a gratitude journal – write 3 things daily that you are grateful for.
  11. Write a love letter to your future self describing how wonderful your life has been.
  12. Start a bucket list of all the things you’d love to do.
  13. Visit your local nursery and buy some flowering indoor plants, they’re a great substitute for fresh flowers and last longer.
  14. Take bubble bath – lights gorgeous candle, put on relaxing music and soak away your cares.
  15. Clear out a drawer or cupboard.
  16. Start a new craft – take a class.  There are so many classes all over the city.
  17. Pick up an old hobby and dedicate an hour a week to it.
  18. Go for dance lessons
  19. Join the Instagram walkers
  20. Join a book club if you’re a keen reader.
  21. Book a spa day or afternoon – there are great specials on sites like Daddys Deals or Hyperli
  22. Do an at home Blogilates pillow class for a lazy day.
  23. Try a new exotic recipe.
  24. Create a Vision board on Pinterest by pinning pictures of your Goals and Dreams.
  25. Challenge yourself to do a quick daily workout.  Your hiney and heart will thank you.
  26. Take a walk in the garden, barefoot and feel the earth beneath your feet.
  27. Upcycle a piece of tired furniture.  Paint it, recover it, stain it.
  28. Try a new colour nail polish.
  29. Visit a makeup counter and try a new look.  You may just surprise yourself.
  30. Start the day by reading something positive … I personally enjoy The Daily Motivator.
  31. Wake up early and sip your morning tea watching the sunrise and listening to the birds waking up.
  32. Plan a vacation – google the area – see what there is to do in the town, check out the cost of travel fares = day dream.
  33. Plan your meals for the week.
  34. Clean your shoes – and where necessary, get heel tips replaced.  Be honest, how sad are they looking?  Do they need to be tossed?
  35. Give yourself a facial and tweeze your eyebrows.
  36. Put a ‘killer’ outfit together for an unexpected date.
  37. Plan your outfits for the coming week.
  38. Schedule your gym sessions for the week.
  39. Declutter your tired and old costume jewellery.
  40. Tidy out your purse – toss the old receipts and count your pennies.
  41. Give yourself an at home pedi and use a new colour polish.
  42. Try a new makeup style – lots of ideas on Pinterest.
  43. Take yourself out for afternoon tea.
  44. Finish one of those unfinished books on the book shelf.
  45. Tidy out your undies drawer.
  46. Sort out your gym clothes for the week.
  47. Make yourself healthy snack packs for the weeks.
  48. Check your birthday list – get creative and make cards and if you’re creative, gifts for upcoming birthdays.
  49. Clear out you email inbox and create some rules for storing them.
  50. Declutter your newsletter subscriptions – you know the ones you always mean to read later then find you’ve not read for 6 months or a year – take the two minutes to unsubscribe.

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