Give your image a makeover and ensure you always look your fabulous best with these 5 super style snippets.
Spring is the perfect time to re-invent your look and turn over a brand new leaf style-wise. To make sure you get the look right (and look as fabulous as you deserve to), we’ve found these top 5 style tips to help you.

Super style snippet 1: Size things up

When it comes to looking you best, the golden rule is: Wear the right size! We wouldn’t dream of wearing shoes in the wrong size, yet when it comes to clothing many women break this commandment.
The reality is that size is just a number. Wearing a size too small to protect your vanity, will emphasise every lump, bump and figure flaw – making you look larger than you are. By the same token, wearing clothing that’s too big and baggy will drown your gorgeous figure.

Super style snippet 2: Support your assets

At least 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size! This shocking statistic is reason enough to head down to your nearest Woolworths or Edgars to get measured to ensure the your bra fits correctly. The right bra will lift your bust slightly and emphasise your waist – making your clothes look even better on you.
When it comes to what you wear you also need to remember to avoid that embarrassing fashion no-no: visible pantylines. Opt for seamless underwear, thongs or even support tights to avoid this.

Super style snippet 3: Go for figure-flattering versatile garments

The best way to maximise your wardrobe (on a minimal budget) is to go for items that can work well in various combinations with other clothing your have. The first step to getting this right is to find out what clothes best suit your body type and colouring and incorporate these accordingly.
Splurge on items that are style classics like a smart jacket, versatile handbag and a classic pair of trousers. Avoid forking out extreme amounts of cash on several of the same style of item, for example 5 black v-neck t-shirts, as you’ll never need that many. Rather mix and match what you have to create a variety of looks.

Super style snippet 4: Make bold accessory choices

Shoes, bags, jewellery and scarves can update your look in a few minutes. The trick is to strike a balance between classic pieces and more adventurous items. The reality is that you can’t wear all your accessories at once, so bear this in mind when adding to your wardrobe.
Every woman definitely needs:
  • One classic structured bag
  • A pair of nude or black heels
  • A pair of pretty pumps
  • An embellished clutch
  • A pair of blingy, chandelier earrings
  • A pair of simple studs
  • A patterned scarf
  • One statement neckpiece

Super style snippet 5: Don’t be a slave to fashion

As much as we all want to look fabulous and be in style, it’s simply not possible to look great in every trend or fad that comes along. Choose to follow styles and fads that are age-appropriate and figure-flattering, as this will ensure you always look great.  Most of all develop and hone your own sense of style that works for you, and incorporate a few updated accessories for a timeless look.
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  1. Lynn
    10 September 2013 at 04:12 (8 years ago)

    Great advice!!!!

  2. Lynette
    15 September 2013 at 19:28 (8 years ago)

    Lovely advice…now I neex younto style me. Wish you lived in PE.