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It’s that time of year again! No, not quite the holidays (even though that’s getting closer now, too).

Starting on October 21, 2013, it’s Mercury Retrograde, an experience that happens three times each year that can affect our wellbeing in many ways.

Here are some practical tips to thrive during this universally confusing time when you may feel like everything feels a bit out of control.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is an astronomical phenomenon that happens three (sometimes four) times each year when the planet Mercury appears to be going backwards based on the speed at which Earth and other planets orbit the Sun. (If you want to learn more about how it actually works, just search “mercury retrograde” on Google and look for credible sources.)
This fall, Mercury Retrograde goes from October 21—November 10, 2013. 
We can often start to feel the effects of Mercury Retrograde a few days before and after it’s official schedule, so give yourself some grace. While not everyone feels the effects of it, many people experience it to some degree, but without knowing why things feel a bit “off.”
The planet Mercury governs communication and travel, which means that during a retrograde period, communications, speech, information, travel and electronic devices and appliances sometimes don’t work as they should. Household appliances can behave weirdly. Computers and cell phones may experience disruptions. Delays, detours and cancellations are common. People might say things they don’t mean. Our speech may come across less clearly, so miscommunications and misunderstandings may happen more with your loved ones and friends. If you feel irritable, just breathe through it and let it be. It will pass.

How to thrive and make the most of this time

  1. Keep your cell phone charged at all times. (Don’t be surprised if messages don’t go through or calls drop.)
  2. Allow extra travel time on the roads and in airports—and double-check your itinerary!
  3. Read and review details more closely. Since communication and information can be fuzzy, ask questions and double check details and instructions.
  4. Back up your data on your computer and mobile devices.
  5. Refrain from launching something new right now. This is a time for reflection, ideas and thinking—not new action. (Side note: This is also why we launched our new Dressing Your Truth for Men online course well BEFORE Mercury Retrograde.)
  6. Be gentle with yourself and others—extend extra love and grace to yourself and loved ones during these times. 
  7. Take time to laugh and spend time with friends. 
  8. Play with your kids or any children in your life. 
  9. Nurture your emotional and spiritual life. Pray, meditate, spend time in nature.
  10. Practice loving self-care. Get a massage, do tapping, watch a movie, take a nap, go for a walk, buy yourself flowers.
  11. Go with the flow—don’t try to fight it.
  12. Allow yourself time to take stock of what’s going on in your inner world. Retrograde is a great time to go within, to reflect and renew.
  13. Release anything that’s not supporting you. Let go of the past, limiting beliefs, old patterns, etc.
  14. Finish projects you’ve left undone.
  15. If an old friend comes to mind, reach out to reconnect.
  16. Forgive yourself and others for past wounds.
  17. Re-examine your priorities. Allow new ideas, dreams and visions to come to the surface.
  18. Journal.
  19. Let yourself “be” with whatever comes up. Resist the urge to “do” something new right now—it may be better to wait until after Mercury goes direct to take action, once things are moving in correct alignment again.


Mark your calendar for Mercury Retrograde 2014

If you’re planning a vacation, events or travel for next year, it might be good to take note of Mercury Retrograde times in 2014:

  • February 6–28, 2014
  • June 7–July 1, 2014
  • October 4–25, 2014

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