you are changing

It has taken almost two months for me to lose 1.9 kgs (4.2 lbs).  One part of me is a little despondent, yet I know that there are changes happening, I can feel them, they’re subtle and the only other person who seems aware of them is my man … of course because he sees me naked (oh gosh is it okay to say that out loud … lol) but to others I know its not noticeable.

I have decided that once I get back from my trip I will be going to see my Homeopath so that she can check me over and see if there’s something else going on that is making it so difficult/slow for me to move this weight.  At the same time though, I am aware that losing 1 kg a month is more sustainable weight loss than losing 10 kgs at once … I guess the impatient part of me is wanting the entire 9.1 kgs (my personal goal) gone in a week.

In the meantime, I’m keeping on keeping on.  I did not gym last week as I was feeling as though I was getting a flu bug so I stayed away, but this week I got Schatz to get out of bed and come with me – he’s on leave so there’s no excuse.  If I can get him into the hang of it while he’s on leave, maybe he’ll continue once the new work year starts in January as well. With him working in a fairly stressful position, which he’s not done in all the time we’ve been together, I do worry and I know that gym will help him cope with the stress better.

I also had my gym shoes start breaking yesterday – I think they got mad when they heard me commenting on the Sketchers I was looking at on Monday at Eastgate.  Itstime for new ones which is a good sign in that it shows they’re being used – I’ve had them for years now and they were a Christmas gift from my Schatz.


I’m rather liking a black pair and these Nikes above are appealing ;-).

Here’s to a healthy and fit finish to the year.


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