It’s rather difficult for some not to shop as the holiday season is upon and our American friends have celebrated Thanksgiving and then the Black Friday sales.

But I saw this and thought I’d share, in case you did not see it and like me, could do with avoiding the shops …

10 Things to do Instead of Shopping on Black Friday

1. Catch up on your blog and reader:  Most likely you took a day or two off for travel or just binging with your family.  Take this day to update your blog, check in with your readers, or even just catch up on your own reader to see what you missed.
2. Cook/Bake at Home:  The idea of creating more food post-thanksgiving might sound ludicrous, but this is actually the perfect day to be creative in the kitchen.  Make something amazing with leftovers or finally try out the cookie recipe you found on that food blog.
3. Volunteer:  Local organizations need a lot of help during this time of year.  Find a soup kitchen, an animal shelter, or maybe a retirement home where you can donate your time.
4. Check out a local sight or landmark: If your neighborhood is anything like New York City, it gets all dressed up for the holidays.  Take some time to appreciate the sparkle and get in the spirit!
5. Have a Movie Day:  Few things are better than snuggling up on the couch and catching a few classics.  It’s hard to go wrong with A Charlie Brown Christmas.
6. Exercise: Take your pets out for a long walk, a stroll around a local park, or a quick jog to burn all those calories.
7. Read: Catch up on all your December (November or as far back as June issues) or finally read that novel you’ve been meaning to pick up.  Give your eyes a break from the screen!
8. Make your Holiday Shopping List: Think about all the stuff you’ll buy AFTER the Black Friday (Christmas) madness.
9. DIY Project: Check some blog favorites like Honestly WTF or iSpyDiY for some crafty inspiration.
10. Do absolutely nothing and enjoy it, you deserve the day off!

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3 Comments on 10 Things to do today instead of shopping

  1. Shybiker
    29 November 2011 at 14:00 (10 years ago)

    Nice suggestions. Life is full of great opportunities waiting for us. Too many ignore them for lack of imagination or effort. A shame. This opens our eyes a little bit.

    BTW, your blog is looking nice these days.

  2. Wendy
    30 November 2011 at 06:23 (10 years ago)

    Thanks my sweet friend … am sending u an email that I need an answer to rather urgently 😉

  3. Lynn
    1 December 2011 at 04:03 (10 years ago)

    Nice advice.