Where to with this …

so I’m still ueber undecided the route I want to take with my site now.

I still post sporadic outfits on my instagram – if you’d care to follow me there  … www.instagram.com/perfectly_imperfect_wendy and a new page I’ve started for items I’ll be selling www.instagram.com/stylized_za.

In the meantime, today I want to touch on a subject that is bothering me greatly – WRINKLES!!!   lol … omg – its driving me insane.  I am sure that everyone women is fighting it, and if you’re not – honey start now  …  lol.  I sometimes consider botox and fillers   …   heck, just a full facelift is sounding necessary at this stage.   I take and retake and retake selfies – cringing at the reality.  lol.

And then the thought drifts through my mind .. you’re lucky to have this life, this health etc. etc. etc.

And for that I am grateful – however, it has not stopped the attempt to delay the pull of gravity.

So, I have bought a NuSkin Galvanic Spa and although  I forgot to take pictures before I started using mine, after two treatments when I saw my bestie, she commented that my skin was looking smoother and clearer.  Not sure if its the Galvanic Spa alone or the the massager on the Sorbet facial cleanser I’ve started using again.  Overall though, I am feeling a little happier with how my skin is looking.

So if you pass by here, and you’re over say 45 and dealing with wrinklers, how are you really feeling about it?

Are you considering botox, fillers and a face lift?

What products do you feel are making a real difference?

Do you take collagen supplements, or something else?

Have you tried something like the facelife diet?  Or along those lines, and has it helped?

I’d love some dialogue on this.

In the meantime, love yourself Wendy!


A photo

MOMANDIHi peeps,

Meet my Mom – Lilian (some call her Lily – but I like her name, Lilian Diana)

This is a photo of me with my Mom.  At almost 77, I must say she’s looking phenomenal.  I look a lot like her at the same age, but sadly, I did not inhert her amazing skin and barely grey hair.  Honestly, if I stopped colouring mine, I’d be snow white compared to her.

As a young girl, I remember being amazed at how beautiful my Mom was to me.  I know, I know, everyone thinks that about their Mom, but truly my Mom was a beautiful woman.  She still is – its just that she’s lost her spark.  She looked so beautiful yesterday when she arrived at my home.

My Mom was also such an amazing dresser.  My gosh – I definitely inherited my love and addiction for clothing and shoes from her.  In my 20’s bb (before babies) I would buy shoes like they were food.  She lived across the road from a shoe store named Cuthberts – I would hop off the bus, go in and walk out with two to three pairs of the same shoes for each of us.  I knew exactly which shoes she’d like.  I think if social media had been around back then, she’d have been a perfect style blogger.  She also instilled my intense dislike of walked through heels – so yes, I don’t get as itchy about it anymore, but I am still amazed when I beautifully groomed and well presented women walks around with the nails of her heels clack clacking.

This winter – I’ve decided to wear the brooches she gave me a few years back – I think we’ll let them have a comeback this year.

‘Til next time … celebrate everything – but first, your imperfections.




Start the week off right

I got this through an email newsletter and I like it ..  A LOT, so thought I’d share.


Grateful: Be grateful for the amazing things in your life.

Learned: Learn something new today. Build on an existing skill. Improve yourself.

Accomplishment: Accomplish something incredible today.

Delight: What touched or will touch your heart today?

When you are positive, positive things happen to you.